We would like to offer a brief overview of the variety of our experience based on over 750 audit days and more than 5000 interviews held:

Audits - starting with small organizations (20 staff) to large, multi-national corporations (>100.000 staff, many sites). Management of single certificates (could be only one location, or one certificate for multi locations) or multi certificates (one per location). The audit structures can therefore be very different and represent a challenge for the effective, but also economically acceptable planning and handling of the audit. Amongst our audited clients we find insurance companies, hospitals, (mass) production industries, public authorities, IT corporations, consulting firms, lotteries, information provider, hosting companies, sales companies, and many more. This alone already shows the variety and the applicability of the ISO 27001 information security standard.

Consulting and Coaching - also starting with small companies (25 staff in one location) to organizations with over 1100 staff across 10 locations. Our experience stretches from commercial companies across state controlled organizations to public authorities.

Relevant examples are as follows (and as permitted to be referenced):

BSI - British Standard Institution - ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and WLA-SCS certification audits worldwide

QLot Consulting, Schweden – Consulting project for a ISO 27001 certification of a client

World Lottery Association (WLA) - Information security - Coaching project

Bayerische Mittelbehörde, München -  Information security Coaching project, Workshops, Trainings, ...

WLA-SCS Standard development, Guidance documents, Speeches, Workshops, 

… as well as further projects and clients