We are offering over 20 years of experience in international procurements of various kinds in different languages (with a majority in English). This includes comprehensive work on the bidding side through dozens of prepared proposals (up to a couple thousand pages in size) - especially in the gaming market. The procedures applicable at the time were quite different and included formal EU procurements, VOL A/B proceedings, limited processes, etc and enabled us to establish broad knowledge and process knowhow.

In addition, we are also able to refer to many years of experience on the procuring side. We have created and/or accompanied many international, highly complex tenders and procurements and thus ensured the success in achieving the objectives and the signing of successful contracts. 

Specifically worth mentioning is the initiative in the lottery industry, where we were instrumental in the creation of a tender template, which made the procurement processes much simpler and more transparent. This work was also internationally recognized through the World Lottery Association and Lotteries as well as Vendors equally appreciate the results.