Information Security and Data Protection

Information (including personally identifyable information) and information processing systems are critical and important for achieving most, if not all objectives of a company. However, information must be considered in different forms. It can be printed, written on paper, stored electronically, by post or electronically transmitted, shown in movies or presentations, or transported verbally in discussions. Information must therefore be adequately protected, regardless of the form of transmitting, sharing or storing.

The term "information security" comprises the totality of all processes in an enterprise, which are established and maintained for the protection of information, PII and the related corporate values. These may be of technical or organizational nature. 

In this area, we offer a number of services: 

Consulting and Coaching
Pre-audits and Gap-Analysis
Speeches, Workshops and Trainings

It is important to note however that consulting services and the conduct of formal (certification) audits are excluding each other. This means that our company can serve either as official Auditor within a formal certification process or provide supporting services through consulting, coaching, workshops or trainings. This is important to avoid potential conflict of interest situations, which could influence certification recommendations.